Monday, January 25, 2010

Past to Present: Bridges of Philadelphia

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This project takes a look at how Philadelphia has changed over the past 80+ years by looking at the city's bridges. The city itself straddles the Schuylkill River, which has a number of crossing. It is also bordered to the east by the Delaware River, separating it from Camden, NJ. While there may be 10 photos, it's not 10 bridges, since different views from the same spot can show just how much the city has grown.

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The Ben Franklin Bridge, looking south east from Philadelphia, 1925. On the right, the same shot in 2010.

Another view of the bridge from Florist Street, taken in 1926.

The Chestnut Street bridge, looking north from the east bank, 1868.

A view of the east bank from the Chestnut Street, 1928.

Looking north from the Chestnut Street bridge towards the west bank, 1928.

This photo of the South Street bridge can show just how much change as come to Philadelphia, as the bridge is now being rebuilt for the second time.

Looking south from the Chestnut Street bridge, 1928.

Spring Graden Street Bridge, before the Art Museum was built, 1868.

The Rock Arch along Kelly Drive, with the rail transport bridge in the background, 1898.

Beneath the 25th Street bridge, 1925.

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