Monday, February 15, 2010

A lot of time can be spent getting from Point A to Point B, not looking much past the pavement beneath our feet. Here's a quick guide of Philadelphia from A to Z that will have you looking up:

View Philly A-Z in a larger map

"A" is for Philadelphia Museum of Art

"B" is for The Philadelphia Bourse

"C" is for Comcast Center

"D" is for Dragon

"E" is for Philadelphia Electric Company

"F" is for the Free Library of Philadelphia

"G" is for the Gayborhood (if you don't know, that's what the section is called)

"H" is for the Divine Lorraine Hotel

"I" is for the Philadelphia Inquirer

"J" is for Philadelphia Museum of American Jewish History

"K" is for Kimmel Center

"L" is for the eL

"M" is for Murals

"N" is for the Navy Shipyard

"O" is for Old City Hall

"P" is for Arch Street Presbyterian Church

"Q" is for the Q Lounge

"R" is for Rodin Museum

"S" is for Suburban Station

"T" is for Masonic Temple

"U" is for University of the Arts

"V" is for El Vez

"W" is for William Penn

"X" is for WXPN

"Y" is for Gershman YM&YWHA

"Z" is for Garden Zoological Society

Monday, February 8, 2010

My aim was to show the city as its workers begin gearing up for a day at work. Starting out right from the banks of the Delaware River, I worked my way west along Walnut Street until I reached the Schuylkill River about two miles away. What was easily the most difficult part of this shoot was the cold weather. I thought I had dressed warm enough, but as my 2 1/2 hour trek continued, the cold seeped in, making it more difficult to focus. Were I to do it again, I would: 1. Shoot differently and 2. wait til Spring. You can follow my focus from the few cars that went down the [mostly] empty street at 7:30 in the morning, to the numerous pedestrians who went about the start of their day as the street begins to fill and I move closer to the core of the city.

View Walnut Street in a larger map

Past the end of Walnut, looking East across the Delaware River.

Walnut and Front, looking west.

Walnut and Second, looking east.

Walnut and Third, looking northwest.

Walnut and Fourth, looking west.

Walnut and Fifth, looking north.

Walnut and Sixth, looking south.

Walnut and Seventh, looking north.

Walnut and Eighth, looking southeast.

Walnut and Ninth, looking northwest.

Walnut and Tenth, looking south.

Walnut and Eleventh, looking northwest.

Walnut and Twelfth, looking northwest.

Walnut and Thirteenth, looking north.

Walnut and Juniper, looking north.

Beneath Broad and Walnut, looking north.

Walnut and Fifteenth, looking north.

Walnut and Sixteenth, looking north.

Walnut and Seventeenth, looking north.

Walnut and Eighteenth, looking southheast.

Walnut and Nineteenth, looking south.

Walnut and Twentieth, looking south.

Walnut and Twenty-First, looking south.

Walnut and Twenty-Second, looking west.

Walnut and Twenty-Third, looking east.

Walnut and Twenty-Fourth, looking north.

Walnut, above Schuylkill River Trail, looking southeast.
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