Monday, February 1, 2010

Facing Philadelphia

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Everyone sees Philadelphia differently depending on where they're from and how long they've been here for. I went down to the Liberty Bell Center at Independence Mall to briefly ask people how they felt about the city, namely what they like the most and what they like the least. For their photo, I asked everyone to make a face that shows what they thought about Philadelphia:

Name: Ignacio Masquera
Age: 26
Locale: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Likes Most: "My parents were here studying English 13 years ago, told me well about Philadelphia. I think the historical importance."
Likes Least: N/A

Name: Gautam Gupta
Age: 35
Locale: Outside Boston, Massachusetts (lived in Philly for eight years.)
Likes Most: "I like the people, they're very friendly And the cultural heritage."
Likes Least: "Some parts of the city could be cleaner."

Name: Tiffany Slowey
Age: 24
Locale: Boston, Massachusetts
Likes Most: "Parking. There's plenty of parking."
Likes Least: N/A

Name: Challise Tatton
Age: 28
Locale: Salt Lake City, Utah
Likes Most: "The history behind. We don't have that kind of history."
Likes Least: "Other than traffic."

Name: Patrick Compton
Age: 62
Locale: Burlington, New Jersey
Likes Most: "History. But it doesn't live on it's history, it keeps creating it's own history."
Likes Least: "What's wrong with it? They won't let me take my camera into the mint."

Name: Susan Kurtz
Age: 62
Locale: Easton, Pennsylvania
Likes Most: "I think it's the architecture, and the cobblestones. Oh, and the healthcare system."
Likes Least: "Lack of parking."

Name: Aaron McCraney
Age: 48
Locale: Los Angeles, California
Likes Most: "I like the historical connection."
Likes Least: "The chill weather."

Name: Steven Lewis
Age: 37
Locale: New York City, New York (grew up in South Philly)
Likes Most: "The people. I've lived in a lot of different cities and go to a city like New York, which is economically motivated or Los Angeles, which is entertainment oriented, or Washington, D.C., which is politics oriented, people are only concerned about [what you can do in those regards.] What I love about Philly is people aren't trying to be be anything they're not."
Likes Least: "The gun violence. I hear it's been down under Nutter, which is great, but still."

Name: Cynthia Kelly
Age: 60
Locale: Orange County, New York
Likes Most: I love the little neighborhood parks. I saw a regeneration of what the city could be."
Likes Least: Getting here, the traffic. Traffic everywhere we went. [And the last time we were here], after three days, I was ready to go.

Name: Carie Barent
Age: 35
Locale: Orange County, New York
Likes Most: "First time coming down for not business."
Likes Least: "Homeless people are rude when you give to them. It's much different when you give in Boston. I gave money to [a homeless woman in Philadelphia] and she wanted more."

Name: Arlene Strecker
Age: 63
Locale: Orange County, New York
Likes Most: "I like the history, thinking to be back in those days."
Likes Least: N/A

Name: Hank Roberge
Age: 75
Locale: Bogosa Springs, Colorado
Likes Most: "It's so eclectic; you've got sports, you've got art, you've got history, it just goes on and on."
Likes Least: "Not much I don't like, but when I first came here, they just finished riots. But that was a long time ago."

Name: Paula Wagner
Age: 73
Locale: Denver, Colorado
Likes Most: "The historical significance of Philadelphia. I love to be in historical places that you can look back on."
Likes Least: "The cold, it's a damp cold. But the sun is shining."

Name: Rob Suckiel
Age: 63
Locale: South Jersey
Likes Most: "I've liked a lot of things at different times. It's more interesting than some of the bigger cities,because it's smaller and it satisfies what I like about history."
Likes Least: "I would say the city governments have been lacking over the years."

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