Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All Sales Final!

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Last week, I ordered some new equipment and am still dying for a chance to really use it. That chance will actually come tomorrow when I do a promotional shoot for the Upper Main Line Y and their amazing Haunted Mansion (full disclosure: I work for UMLY and help plan the mansion...that's how I know how awesome it will be.) I have work from last years promotional shoot and event that I will definitely have to put up sometime soon. Long story short, if you have kids 10+ AND live in the Philly area, come out. If you DON'T have kids AND live in the Philly area, then you should still come out. I'll get more into that when I actually put the new photos up.

Now that we're back from my rambling (arguably, it's all rambling,) I've wanted to expand on my lighting options, so I bought a second SB-600 speedlight, as well as a set of stands and 33" umbrellas. It's kind of a mix between what you'd find recommended on Strobist and what you'd hear from Joe McNally. I already have one SB-600, so purchasing a second and continuing to work using Nikon's wireless CLS seemed like a good place to spend the money. That I ordered from B&H, along with the cheapest umbrella's money can buy.

As recommended on the Strobist blog, I ordered the stands (Lumopro 8') and the umbrella/flash mounts (also Lumopro) from Midwest Photo Exchange, When compared to shopping for a brand like Manfrotto, going with the Lumopro was much cheaper (good for those who are recently/soon-to-be graduating...also known as unemployed.) They're pretty lightweight and just a little wobbly where the sections connect if fully extended, but easily get the job done and don't feel cheap. That might seem like a contradiction, but I plan on doing most (see: all) of my shooting on location, since I don't have a personal studio. So by following the math, Less Weight + Saved Money = Portable Lighting Goodness.

There are a lot of other posts I've got backed up, so be ready for shots from the Black Panthers as well as my first ride-along.

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