Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bees Everywhere!

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So the Daily News just ran a feature on the state of the honey industry last Thursday.  While hugely popular in the US, domestic production has gone down. I was asked to go out and shoot a local couple with their own hive. When I received this assignment a while back, the thought of a frantic Chris Farley waving his hands wildly at a fake bee attack crossed my mind. It stayed there as Suzanne Matlock and her husband Norman donned protective gear, even as they assured me I would be fine. Being the fearful fearless photojournalist that I am, I steeled up, gripped my camera, and shot away.  The actual scenario was much more docile than I built it up to be, as the bees seemed more interested in tending to their own business than bother with me.

Suzanne examines a bee-covered slat to check on honey production.

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