Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leica Glass for Your iPhone? Yes, Please.

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First off, I don't have an iPhone. I'm more of an Android guy. Not that I think iProducts are evil (I mean, I am writing this on a MacBook Pro after all). I just happen to like my Droid X. That said, this concept seems pretty awesome. Take an iPhone, slap on a case with some high-quality glass, and you've got the Leica i9 concept, brought to you by the wizards at Black Design Associates.

It's essentially a standalone camera, but loading your iPhone in a manner "reminiscent to traditional 35mm film" grants additional functionality. Like having your photos appear instantly on your phone to share them online. Or having people steer clear of the person that appears to be talking into their camera. And don't worry about compatibility, because the interchangeable backing allows for future phone generations, like the iPhone 6. This way, we can have two imaginary devices.

First saw this a little bit ago in a post about it on Engadget, complete with press release. Too bad the release doesn't come with a production date of "at your front door right now."

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