Thursday, May 10, 2012

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Prom Fitting

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It's May and aside from graduations, April showers snow bringing May flowers, Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars Day, it's also prom season. Last month, I did this story for Philadelphia Neighborhoods on St. Christopher's Hospital located in North Philadelphia. The hospital is busy putting together its first prom, which it is holding this Saturday night. The staff and volunteers have put a lot of energy into make this a great experience for the kids, which range in ages from 3 to 21. A lot of them don't get a chance to make it to their own proms because of how much time they spend in the hospital receiving treatment for various forms of cancer. In the short time I spent with them, they seem to be some of the most upbeat kids I've met.

Last week, I went back to the hospital for their prom dress and tuxedo fittings. Dresses were provided by Fairy Godmothers, a group that provides them for girls whose financial situations may prevent them from normally affording one. Men's Warehouse was also kind enough to step in and provide free tuxedo rentals for the boys.

"Lady" is 3 years old and is totally posing for the camera in this shot from last month's story. It took her a minute to relax, since she thought I might be taking her into surgery. She'll be going to prom with her dad this weekend. Feel free to have an "aww" moment.

Prom, like many other things, is something that's pretty easily taken for granted, until the option is taken away from you. It's great to see these kids so excited for prom and I'm definitely excited to be there on Saturday to help capture their experience.

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  1. These kids are amazing, thank you so much for being there to capture their smiles and wonderful faces during such crazy times in life. Everyone deserves a prom! :)


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