Thursday, March 7, 2013

LoJack Your Stolen Laptop for Free

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Here's something everyone (see: non-photographers) should take a look at. Have you ever had your laptop stolen? I haven't and would like to keep it that way if possible. But anytime I take my laptop out and about, I have this fear it might be the last time I see it. To help alleviate some of those fears, I started looking into tracking software in case "the day" does come.

That's where Prey comes in. It's an open source program that gives you a lot of options to help you recover your device if it's stolen. Download and install it to your Mac/PC/Linux/Ubuntu/Android/iOS device and register yourself at the Prey website. After the install, it simply sits in the background until someone is a big enough jerk to steal your stuff. Then from another computer, you can login to your Prey control panel to get to work as Big Brother. You can collect location data, display a warning, play an alarm and even activate your camera to take a snapshot of the culprit.

If you're tech-conscious, a concern you probably have is if your data is being tracked. The company states clearly that they won't use your personal data. Prey is free with a limit of three devices. If you want to add more devices and have access to additional features, pro accounts start at $5. Check out this section on people who have successfully recovered their gear, thanks to Prey.

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