Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nation FAIL: Images From the 60 Most Failed States

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A protester carries an injured child away from Egyptian riot police in
Cairo on Jan. 26, 2013 (Ed Giles/Getty Images)
What causes a nation to be considered a "failed state"? Political instability, human rights violations, lack of free speech, poverty? These are things that most of us in developed nations take for granted, but are a reality for many countries around the world. Foreign Policy magazine ran a photo essay titled "Postcards from Hell," taking a look at the 60 most fragile nations on the Failed States Index. The images help give some meaning to the numbers, although not every photo is one of violence and starvation, as one might expect. Instead, many of them offer a quick glance at a simple reality about daily life, for better or worse.

"A Somali boy plays soccer with Ugandan soldiers from the African Union
Mission in Somalia in February 2013" (Stuart Price /AFP/Getty Images)
The rankings are based on 12 factors, including demographic pressures, group grievances, human flight and economic decline.  The worst three nations in the world are Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan (which is immediately followed by South Sudan). Most of the countries listed are African nations, with nearly the entire continent listed as "critical." Of course, these nations being in critical condition doesn't mean that all hope should be lost on them. A failed nation doesn't necessarily have to stay that way. On the opposite end of the spectrum? The most stable country in the world is Finland.

Be sure to take a look at the gallery yourself, but you might need to sign up (for free) for the Foreign Policy website.

Source: Foreign Policy

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